Residential Electrical, Plumbing, and HVAC

Program Description

Residential Electrical, Plumbing & HVAC program trains students in residential electrical, house wiring and industrial motor control. HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration) includes basic electrical, heating equipment installation, sheet metal fabrication and installation, air conditioning installation and refrigeration theory. Students master core instruction and move into trade-specific and advanced training to learn to design, adjust, repair, install and/or sell in areas related to electrical, plumbing, and HVAC. Instruction is delivered in a hands-on environment, working in small groups or independently, utilizing self-paced materials that offer a wide variety of activities. Students occasionally work on a construction site, performing real job tasks related to their area of training. Co-op and work experience are integral to the program’s training methods. Also, students can participate in SkillsUSA, a student organization that promotes leadership and job skills.



Related Professions
Journeyman Plumber
Journeyman HVAC  

Possible Certifications

HVAC Core: Refrigerant and Recovery Certification  
OSHA: Career Safe  
OSHA: Construction Industry  


Oakland Community College
Delta College
Northwestern Ohio
Mott Community College

Past Events


  • ·         SkillsUSA Regional Competition

o   Carl Henkle – Industrial Motor Control – 4th Place

o   Ben Herzog – HVAC – 3rd Place

o   Michael Boughner – Heating – Direct to State

o   Caleb Colley – Heating – Direct to State

o   Travis Colley – Heating – Direct to State

o   McCoy Desjardins – HVAC – 2nd Place

o   Sam Reid – Plumbing – Direct to State

o   Kyle Dalgleish – House Construction Wiring – 4th Place

o   Joel Schultz – Industrial Motor control – 5th Place

  • ·         SkillsUSA State Competition

o   1 Gold/1st Place, 1 Silver/2nd Place, 3 Bronze/3rd Place

• Kyle Dalgleish – Residential Wiring – 3rd Place

• Carl Henkle – Industrial Motor Control – 3rd Place

• McCoy Desjardins – HVAC – 3rd Place

• Travis Colley – Heating – 2nd Place

• Tyler Schumacher - Sheet Metal – 1st Place

•  Competing at Nationals in June

o   Alternative Energy Vehicle Race at the Sanilac Career Center

• Obstacle Course – 2nd Place

• Car Show – 3rd Place

• Drag Race – 3rd Place

• Endurance Race – 3rd Place

  • ·         Student’s successfully articulating college credits through:

o   Ferris State University

o   Oakland University

o   Mott Community College

  • ·         Completion of house

o   HVAC Rough

o   Plumbing rough

o   Electrical

  • ·         Successful fundraisers to allow students to compete

2014-15 Accomplishments

2011-12 Accomplishments





Teacher:Alexander Bryce
(810)664-1124 ext. 4134
Paraprofessional: George Britton
(810)664-1124 ext. 4134