Parent Advisory Committee (PAC)

The Lapeer County Intermediate School District Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) is a group of educators and parents representing our local school districts. Our primary focus is to stay informed regarding Special Education plans, changes, and current trends in Special Education at the county, state, and federal level. We also assist and promote partnerships among parents and educators that benefit students with disabilities.

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 Your Local Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) Representative

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Almont Community Schools:

I’m Holly Ardman, my husband and I have lived in Almont majority of our lives . We decided to raise our family in this small country community. We have two terrific children who attend Almont Schools. We are an outdoors kind of family. We enjoy swimming, biking, hiking, hunting, fishing, and all the other crazy things that Michi-gan has to offer us.

Being told your child has a disability can be unreal and terri-fying at the same moment. Knowing where to find the re-sources to become educated about the disability is a blessing! When my son was an infant he was diagnosed with Optic Nerve Hpyoplasia. My sons optic nerves did not fully develop during my pregnancy. There is no reason why this occurs and there is no cure. The doctors told us he would be blind. Being new parents to our first born, we knew we had to help him in ever way possible.

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  Holly Ardman
  (586) 372-1942 

Kim Schurig has been a resident of Almont for 15 years. She is married and has three boys. Quinton is 11,Jerry is 9, and Benjamin is 7. Her children attend Almont Middle School and Orchard Primary. Benjamin,her youngest child, has Down syndrome.Kim has been an educator for 20 years. She has taught in Flint and currently teaches 4th grade in Imlay City. She has had teaching experience in 2nd–7th grades. Throughout her professional career, Kim has educated many Special Needs children. Some of the children have had Autism. Others have been classified as either cognitively or emotionally-impaired. She also has experience working with hearing-impaired students.  

Kim has always been a strong advocate for children with Special Needs in her classroom, as well as her own child.She values the unique difference that each child possesses,whether he or she is classified as a General Education or  Special Education student. She believes that it is extremely important for families and educators to work together for the common goal of helping each child reach his or her fullest potential. 

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     Kim Schurig
     (586) 873-8611 

“My name is Kelley Bussen. I have been a Paraprofessional with the Almont school district for three years. I have a wonderful husband and three fantastic kids, 2 beautiful daughters and one son.  My son David, was diagnosed with ASD at the age of 7 years. He has many challenges in a school setting. For example, he has difficulty socializing with other peers and as well as teachers. He also has difficulty with behavior issues. I want to be a part of the PAC, so I can become more educated on different issues for my son and also help others that may have the same issues. I look forward to helping anyone I can. “

       Kelley Bussen- (810) 841-5334

Dryden Community Schools:

“Although I live in Dryden my son attends Almont Schools through the Consortium.  We began in the Early On Program and have been navigating the educational system for 8 years now.  I am available to answer any questions you may have or help you explore opportunities for the benefit of your special needs child.  The PAC is here as a resource for you…don’t hesitate to call on us!”

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  Melanie Starr
810) 895-6449


mlay City Community Schools:

My name is Melivia Mutch and I am a mother of two. I have a spunky 9 year old and a peppy 13 year old (who is on the spectrum).  I joined PAC eight years ago, to learn more about our special education system and how I could better help my son succeed during his school years.  

I find PAC to be very informative and I get a chance to work alongside other families that share the same journey as ours.

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Melivia Mutch 
  (810) 724-3918


My name is Heather Brown. My husband and I both grew up in Imlay City and are thrilled to be raising our family there as well. We have 3 boys. Our youngest is on the spectrum and started Early‐On when he was 2. We have made great strides and he is now a thriving 1st grader. I will always continue to grow with him and educate myself with any resource I can find. It's a journey that I wouldn't have any other way.

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 Heather Brown
 (810) 614-4746

Denise Kipp (Rossen)

apeer Community Schools:

Hi, I am 
Kim Hall and I have seven children in Lapeer Community schools. In Elementary School, Middle Schools and the High school.  Some of my children have special needs.  I would like to encourage you to call me if you have any questions.  I know how overwhelming and confusing it can be sometimes to be the parent or caregiver of a special needs individual.  You are NOT alone. Please feel free to call me, I would like to help if I can.  Kindest Regards!! 

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Kim Hall 
  (810) 664-4743


North Branch Area Schools:

Hello, My name is Rebecca Baksa. I am married to my husband, Brent Baksa, and we have three boys. Our middle son, Jackson is going into the third grade this year and he has cerebral palsy. He has always been in the general education classroom, and we are extremely proud of all that he has accomplished in his young life. My husband and I both teach in North Branch as well. I am the art teacher for grades 5-8, and my husband in a science teacher in the high school. I look forward to helping anyone that I can. I am passionate about helping the kids in our community with "different abilities" and would love assist in any way that I can. 

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  Becky Baksa
(989) 245-7308


My name is Amy Hyrman. I grew up in Lapeer County, in the North Branch area. My husband and I have three children, two boys and a girl. Our middle child receives services for speech and language and began Early-On just after his second birthday. He is now in pre-school and in the past year has made tre-mendous improvement! He can express his wants and needs in complete sen-tences now which expressing himself was a huge struggle for him. We have witnessed such growth not only in language but in self-esteem too. He loves to learn and we love to learn with him each and every day. 

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Amy Hyrman
  (810) 287-2806

Lapeer County Intermediate School District:

Hi my name is Jessica Dombeck. I am proud to say, I am married to my won-derful husband named Jason Dombeck, and we have two amazing children named Christian and Lily. Christian is 13 years old and goes to school at the Lapeer County ISD. He was born with a Rare Chromosome disorder called Kleef-stra Syndrome also known as the Micro Deletion of the 9Q34.3 Chromosome. Lily is 11 years old who loves to do gymnastics and ride her 4-wheeler. She goes to Almont Community Schools. I work at the Lapeer County ISD as a paraprofessional in the COSMIC classroom. I love my job. I get to work with some pretty amazing students and staff members. I look forward to being able to help anyone I that can. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call me.

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   Jessica Dombeck
    (810) 701-0486


 Regina is the President and Founder of Forever Friends Network. Regina's son, Brandon, was diag-nosed with Autism at the age of 4 years old. Bran-don is now 18 years old, and Regina continues to help spread awareness for Autism. She has been an advocate for individuals on the Autism Spectrum for the last 8.5 years. Regina has provided her efforts to various Autism organizations throughout Michigan. She is respected, and supported by The Lapeer County Intermediate School District, and The Lapeer County Community of Mental Health. Regina has been instrumental in bringing Autism Safety train-ing specialists from the Autism Alliance of Michigan to Lapeer County, and to surrounding areas. “Autistic kids are such extraordinary individuals — there’s always some-thing different that makes them stick out because each child is so unique. These kids are socially inept and they just want to fit in, they pick up things so quickly they are like sponges, we just want to pave the way for them to make connections.” Regina Starr The County Press 4-03-2016 Regina Starr resides in Lapeer Michigan with her son Brandon, and supported by her partner of 9 years, Michael.

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  Regina Starr
   (810) 623-2041