GED Prep & Testing

A National Measure

The General Educational Development (GED) Tests are a nationally recognized assessment that gives people from all walks of life an opportunity to certify their high school education. The high school credential earned by passing the GED Tests is accepted by more than 95% of U.S. employers, colleges, and universities.

The GED Tests also provide a uniform measure of high school achievement. The score means the same from Maine to California and the 2002 edition reflects current high school curriculum standards and includes content related to the workplace and community.

The Investment

The GED Tests cover the academic knowledge and skills learned in four years of high school: reading, writing, social studies, science, and mathematics. By passing the 7.5 hours of tests, GED diploma holders demonstrate the skills of communication, information processing, problem solving, and critical thinking.

The Fact Is: 4 out of 10 high school graduates could not pass the GED Tests!

The Return

Passing the GED Tests can mean big benefits - for the individual, for business, and for society.  For many GED diploma holders, these tests are the first step toward better jobs, further training, and/or higher education. Two of every three people who take the GED Tests plan to obtain additional education. In college, GED diploma holders perform as well as traditional high school diploma holders.

GED diploma holders are also more likely to encourage their children to finish school. Many GED diploma holders say earning the credential helped them improve their self-image.

The Fact Is: The GED Tests measure many of the U.S. Labor Department's necessary workplace skills that are valued by employers.

The Bottom Line

GED diploma holders are a proven asset to their families, business, and society.  Encourage adults who haven't earned a high school diploma to take the GED Tests and go on to the next level in life.

To register for classes or for more information, contact the Adult Education Office at: 810-667-6605

GED Testing

The GED has FOUR separate tests:   
1.  Reasoning through Language Arts
2.  Social Studies
3.  Science
4.  Mathematical Reasoning


Have not graduated from high school.
Age 18 or over.
High school class has graduated.
Picture I.D. is required.

All registration for the GED test is done online.  Go to to register.
$150 testing fee MUST be paid online with a Credit Card

Upcoming testing dates for 2018 are:

April             16, 17
May              14, 15
June               4,  5
July                9, 10
August          14, 15
September   10, 11
October         8, 9
November     6, 7
December    10, 11

Upcoming testing dates for 2019 are:

January      7, 8
February     4, 5
March          4, 5
April            8, 9
May             6, 7
June           3, 4

*Dates are tentative and additional dates may be added as needed.