Computer Aided Design

Program Description

Computer Aided Drafting and Design (CAD) program is a technical, hands-on, visual curriculum for students who like drawing, creating and designing. Utilizing advanced computer graphics, students will draw 2D and 3D objects while using extremely powerful and sophisticated software. Each student will have the opportunity to choose a pathway along the ARCHITECTURE, ANIMATION or the MECHANICAL DESIGN curriculum. The course features 3D modeling programs such as Inventor, AutoCAD, 3DS MAX, and Architectural Revit. Knowledge gained within the CAD program curriculum will help prepare you for a well-paying, high demand career in  architecture, animation, and in all areas of engineering. There are also opportunities in film animation, teaching, business, and interior design. Students will finish this program with entry level job skills. Students in the CAD Program will be setting a good foundation to move onto higher level education. The Education and Technology Center has articulation agreements with many colleges and universities enabling students to gain college credits for completing these courses.



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Baker College
Davenport University
Delta College
Ferris State University
Mott Community College
Oakland Community College


One student participated in a paid Co-Op: Mary Cronin (IC) - Quest Industries

Two students were involved with NationalTechnical Honor Society: Mary Cronin (IC) and Alexandra Listerman (AL)

Mary Cronin (IC) won the Breaking TraditionsMerit Award from the Michigan Department of Education.

2015 Attica/Imlay City Masons Lodge 295 scholarship went to Mary Cronin (IC)

Designed and built a working dynamometer which allowed the team to test the RC car's performance while inside the classroom.

Designed and built a working vacuum forming machine which allowed them to create custom bodies for the RC car.

Designed and 3D printed a battery holder that secures the battery and other electronics to the RC car.

Traveled to Belle Island in Detroit and raced 20 other schools from around the state on the Detroit Grand Prix race course finishing 1st Place in Top Speed (53 mph), 1st Place in Design Innovation and 1st Place in Engineering and Craftsmanship


  • Two students competed at Regional competition: Mary Cronin (IC)- 4th Place in Technical Drafting and David Brasher (IC)- 2nd Place in Technical Drafting
  • Four students competed at State competition in Grand Rapids, MI: Mary Cronin (IC) - 4th Place in Technical Drafting, David Brasher (IC) - 3rd Place in Technical Drafting and Steven Leach (LP) and Alexandra Listerman (AL) - 1st Place in 3D Animation
  • Two students competeed at the National competition in Louisville, KY: Steven Leach (LP) and Alexandra Listerman (AL) 


  • 3 projects entered into the MITES regional completion: two 1st place projects and one 2nd place project

2014-15 Accomplishments
2011-12 Accomplishments



Teacher: Nathan Cobb
(810)664-1124 ext. 4144
Paraprofessional: Jamie Boxey
(810)664-1124 ext. 4135